Pre Bill Check Report

The Pre Bill Check Report is especially helpful in preparation of your bill validation run each month. You can now be proactive with your data quality ahead of receiving your billing files.  Having a good set of data is essential in executing a quality and smooth validation run.

The Pre Bill Check Report combines all data aspects together for you to view in preparation for your bill validation process.  This includes items that are missing or incorrect such as meter, standing or pricing data.  The report then highlights the specific data gaps so that you can proactively update or communicate to your suppliers & metering providers.

To access the report, Navigate to:
Step 1 - Reports 
Step 2 - Create Reports
Step 3 - Select Report Category Validation
Step 4 - Select Report Type Pre bill check Power / or Gas

Step 5 - Select Next 

You will then be taken to the below screen where you need to select a date range from the Year and Month. Once complete, select download to Excel.