Pricing & Bill Component Mapping

As part of on -boarding for bill validation we need to create a bridge between the pricing and billing files. You can now choose connection points and display names. This cuts through the noise of complex industry billing and incoherent charge names. 

To complete the mapping you need to enable this feature from the User management in settings. To update this navigate to > User Management > Manage Roles. From here you need to choose the role type you wish to have access to this feature, for example Admin users. Select the pencil to the side of the user role type and turn the feature on:

Now you have this feature enabled, you can navigate to Bills > Validation > Validate Bills. Next select the bill and invoice you wish to complete the mapping. 

Once you have chosen your bill, Navigate to the shadow bill comparison tab and to the right of the screen select the EDI/ XLS mapping. You will then see the below table in the centre of the screen. 

From here, there are 3 steps to complete the mapping: 

Step 1 - Unlock the mapping table by selecting the Locked Icon
Step 2 - 
Select an available mapping from the drop down
Step 3 - Select whether to validate this line item or not by selecting YES/NO
Step 4 - Decide on the display name which will show in the shadow bill
Step 5 - You have the option to group charges within the shadow bill

Step 6 - Select Save

You have now successfully mapped your bill.