Capacity Alert & Reporting

Electricity consumers may breach pre-determined capacity limits set for each site when consumption exceeds a capacity limit, customers are charged extra for the additional consumption. You can visualise where and when capacity breaches occur as well as quantify the additional cost. Customers can be notified via email when consumption is breached.

Within the Hub you'll find a BI dashboard that quantifies any capacity opportunity, and can use the filters to define date ranges, groups and drill down to site level as shown below:-

Capacity BI

The Hub also provides an alert that will email users when limitations are breached, you can configure these by following the below steps:-

Step 1: Navigate to Notifications, then User Alerts.  Select Capacity Alert 
the drop down menu

Step 2: Name your Alert 

Step 3: Select the Groups you want this Alert to apply to 

Step 4: Enter the email address of those who should be notified 

Step 5: Set the time at which you want the report to be sent  

The User interface is shown below.

Capacity AlertAler