Primary and Secondary Validation

Bills can fail validation for a single reason (ex. a line item has been charged at the wrong rate), or for many reasons.  Sometimes, a single failure issue will have a knock-on effect to other items and cause multiple reasons for failure.  For example, if the consumption is wrong a bill will fail each line item which is calculated based on consumption.   

The Energy.Hub makes it easy to see the what the 'real' reasons for failure are, the primary failure issue, while allowing you to dig into the detail to see what the knock-on effects of that failure, or the secondary issues. 

Once the system has processed the EDI files and sets the validation outcome against each invoice. The Validations outcomes will show after the EDI file processes. These will then be shown in 2 categories: Primary and Secondary.

By clicking the Extend feature of any invoice, you are able to view the Failure reasons 

Seeing the failure issues in detail is quick and easy, getting straight to root cause of a validation failure.  

If you would like to have a Report of validation errors you can download the Primary Secondary Validation for Power and Gas

 My Reports
Step 1: Select Report Category:Validation
Step 2: Select Available reports
Select: Select Primary secondary validation for power and gas
The report requires Start and End dates (the bill dates of a specific invoice)
Select: Download the report.



This report acts as a single place to view and analyse the validation failures with all the relevant details, and can easily be shared with Suppliers. The Summary sheet shows all the Primary failures, and the count for each.  When viewing the failure reasons, you can extend the cells to show beyond the primary issues to see the knock-on effect and any secondary  issues resulting. There is then a separate sheet for each category of failure, and shows all line items and rates for the invoice involved making it easy to display the failures and solve the issue with your supplier.