Automate Energy Management

The Energy Manager optimises functionality by displaying savings opportunities, data quality, summary widgets and sliders for users to manage their portfolio in one page.  You can use the Energy Manager to analyse estimate waste scenarios across your energy portfolio.  The Energy Manager connects various areas in the system and makes them accessible through one screen.

To access your Energy Manager, navigate to Home > Home Overview.  You will see the screen below:

The first step before checking the information is to adjust the filters to your preferences.  You can do this by clicking on the filter icon on the top right corner.  This will expand the following pop up window where you can choose dates, group or even see it at a site level.  An additional field is present for commodity which defaults to power.

Optimisation & Investments

On the optimisation tool, users can now adjust the sliders to see potential savings.  This provides a more apprehensive and interactive way of understanding Red Zone, Excess Capacity and Vacant Energy charges.  Adjusting the sliders gives real time potential savings and renewables investment opportunities, while also showing the current spending for benchmarking purposes.

Data Quality

The data quality rings gather information from various places in the system and groups them together.  Good meter and site data are paramount to running accurate reports and point out valid savings, optimisation and investment opportunities. This graph displays the data colour coded to provide a visual cue to users on the quality of our Analytics platform data.
This interactive graph also shows Notifications.  The Notifications section is in place to ensure users have set up all their alerts.  You can click through and it will redirect you to create/set up alerts.  Once all relevant alerts are set up, the percentage on the graph will rise.
Please note data quality widget is only for power. 


Widgets pick information from the system and reports on it to make it easy to consume.  We have grouped several dashboard headlines to help as glances of the system.