Applying Commissions To Your Sites

For those using the Energy.Hub for managing procurement for their end customers, you can apply commission calculations to your sites/groups.

For every customer/site and meter you can apply a commission.  Commissions have a pre-defined structure, and customers can be assigned to different structures as detailed below:-
  • It is a per meter/per day amount
  • Commissions vary depending on size of customers (determined by Annual Consumption)
  • Customers can be on special offers/rebates which vary from the standard £/Meter/Day.
To configure commissions, you'll need to navigate to Settings and then select Commission Management as shown below:-

Commission Management

From the above screen you can:

  1. Create a unique Commission Code 
  2. Add an optional framework identifier 
  3. Select the commodity you wish to apply the commission 
  4. Apply a start and end date
  5. Apply the commission to a specific profile class 
  6. Apply the commission amount  
  7. Apply a discount 

Once you have set the above parameters, you'll need to click save and then apply the commission to the group. 

To apply the commission to group, navigate to Settings, My Company and then select Groups.  You'll then see the commission that you have created in the drop down list, and can apply it to a group as shown below:-

Add Commission to Group


Commission Reports

Once the commissions have been configured and setup, you can then produce a report from the reporting suite.  To access the report, you'll need to navigate to Reports from the main menu, then select Create Report.  From here select the report category Purchasing, and report type Commissions.  You can then use the filters to select the period you want to report on, and also the groups(s).  The Energy.Hub will then generate a .csv report as shown below:-

The report contains two tabs:

Summary Consumption Report - This provides a summary of the commission by framework and has the following reporting metrics:

  • Framework 
  • Group
  • Month
  • Commission (£)
  • Supplier

Basket Commission Report - This provides a detailed breakdown of commission by Basket and has the following reporting metrics:
  • Framework
  • Group
  • Supplier
  • Site
  • MPAN
  • Profile Class
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Days In Period 
  • Commission Code
  • Commission Amount (£)
  • Discount (%)
  • Final Rate (£)
  • Commission (£)