Generating Accruals

One of the important exercises in monitoring and managing consumption of energy, is to generate Accrual files containing estimated (and real) consumption of energy for a set of sites/groups. 

The Utilidex Energy. Hub allows the users to generate accrual files based on a given filter criteria that includes the date range, commodity, groups(s) and site(s). You can access the Accrual creation functionality from Bill Management -> Accruals -> Accrual Creation.


To create/generate an accrual file, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. To begin the accrual creation process, you will need to select the relevant criteria from the filters presented at the top of the screen. You can run an accrual on your entire portfolio, groups or by individual site between two date periods. Once the appropriate items have been input you will need to click the Generate button.

  2. ​The accrual generation request is added to the Accrual Creation queue in the lower grid and is generated in the background. Depending on the filter criteria chosen, an accrual generation will vary in time ranging from a few minutes to up to half an hour.

  3. Once an accrual generation is complete, the status of the accrual generation request changes from Processing to Ready.  

  4. To view the details of the accrual, the user can simply click on the accrual record in the Accrual Creation grid. The Hub displays the individual accruals generated in the lower grid called Accrual Details.

  5. To export an accrual to an XLS file, the user can click on the Download Accruals hyperlink on the right side of the Accrual Details grid. The Accruals XLS Report contains two sheets as shown below. 


The Accrual Summary sheet contains the Consumption, Net Amount, VAT, Total Amount and the PPU for each MPAN/MPRN/SPID that match the filter criteria. 


The Accrual Detail sheet contains the Rate, Units, Consumption, Net Amount, VAT, Total Amount and the individual Accrual components for each MPAN/MPRN/SPID that match the filter criteria.