Bill Validation dashboard

The Bill Validation dashboard provides you a high level view of the validation outcomes, and associated workflows with bill validation.  Its your go-to-resource during validation, to view the status of your energy bills, your EDI files, your queries, issues and Outstanding Tasks.

There is a search function at the top of the screen, that you can amend the date, and commodity.  Please note this search function does not alter/change all tiles and charts, and some have a fixed duration.

Users of the Bill Validation Dashboard can filter data on the basis of Start Date, End Date, Commodity and Supplier. Once you have set the filter criteria, please click on the Refresh button to data filter the data that is used to calculate the numbers being displayed in the Tiles, Widgets and Graphs. 


There are four tiles in the Bill Validation dashboard:
  • Files uploaded: counts the number of EDI files you have uploaded in the given date range.
  • In verification: counts that number of EDI files for which you are processing individual invoices.
  • Ready to pay: counts the number of EDI files that you have marked for payment. You may have raised queries against some of the invoices in the EDI files and decided to withhold some payments.
  • Paid: counts the number of files for which you have generated payment files for processing in downstream accounting systems.


There are five widgets in the Bill Validation dashboard as explained below:-
  • Bill Management: this shows the last 6 months worth of invoices.  You can see what has been disputed and paid.  If you click on either Paid or Dispute, then the chart will show only the data you have selected.
  • Top 5 issues: this chart is driven off the date range you select and will show you the top 5 issues.  Using the 80/20 rule, this effectively shows the user the top 5 issues, so that you can focus attention on the biggest items which are causing problems.
  • Outstanding Tasks: This shows the outstanding tasks, and is taken from the Outstanding Task Screen, which is located Site Management > Task list.
  • Outstanding Queries: This chart always shows the last six months, and is data taken from the Bill Management > Query Manager section.
  • Credits/Nettings:- This chart is taken from the Query Manager > Validation screen.  And is the Credits/Nettings shown at the top right of the page.  Credits are any items whereby you are owed a credit, whereas nettings are those accounts you did not pay, but were due a credit back to offset the invoice.