User Role Management

Within Utilidex | Energy Hub, you can implement role based security. It allows you to create users, assign them to roles and implement multi-factor authentication. 

Using this screen, you can:
  • Create new users  : Create new user name, password, full name, email id and user role. 
  • Manage Users : You can assign users to a user role, define the landing screen for the user, activate/deactivate the user, select an email, a country and mobile number, add he user to different groups that were created in the My Company settings, enable/disable multi-factor authentication and reset password.  If you click the pencil icon between Type and Status , you can set fine grained permissions. 
  • Manage User Roles : Using this screen, you can control for each user role, which screens are visible

To control which invoice is to be shown in the CRM/Accounting, please click the pencil next to the role name to open the following screen:

Azure Active Directory 
We use Microsoft active directory to ensure increased security when using your Energy.Hub. This feature uses the Microsoft cloud which means no data is stored locally and you and your users remain anonymous and your details private.
This feature allows you to log in 2 ways:

1. You can log in using your username and password
2. You can log in using your email address

In the event that you forget your password, you now reset your password through Azure Active directory via your email address directly. This eliminates the need to use your support process.

Bulk User Upload
This feature allows you to bulk upload your users in the instances when you have several or more to add to your Energy.Hub. 

Go to: Setting > User Role Management > User Management > Download the Bulk User Template

Please note that all fields in the template are mandatory except Telephone number.
Once you have completed the spreadsheet > Select Upload Bulk User Template:

Then select: : Choose file > Upload