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Utilidex | Energy Hub allows you to modify settings that are specific to your business organisations. They allow you to control a number of things including your company details and settings, your customer contacts, groups and your suppliers

These include the company details and details of the contacts in your customer organisations. If your company is divided into business units/groups, please ask the Utilidex Support Group to enable groups for your organisation.  


The company name, audit trail, bill validation settings, trading settings, calculation management, budget settings, add-ons, data configurations and invoice configurations can all be changed in these screens. 



For each commodity type, you can add the contacts in your customer organisations, this is primarily used for sending the automated change of tenancy details to.




Groups allows you to divide your business organisation into groups for reporting and filtering purposes.

The user can add new groups using the Add New Group hyperlink. You can enter the name of the new group and Bill Payment Type in the following screen that pops up.

To edit an existing group, please click on the Edit hyperlink for the given group. You can modify the name of the group and Bill Payment Type.  The bill payment type for the group controls whether it is either a pay everything and then query, or simply pay, pay and query and dispute. This is dependant on your business practices.

Once the groups have been created, you can map users to groups. This can be done using the hyperlink called Navigate to Map Groups. Clicking on that hyperlink, redirects you to the "Manage Users" tab of the User Management screen, help for which is available here.


Allows you to add details of your suppliers including the commodity, the PPU (pence per kWh) and the supplier code.