Step 2 - Uploading SLA/tariff files every month/quarter

Certain customers received SLA/tariff files from the supplier every month. These include new tariffs as well as updates to old tariffs. This will not apply to all customers, so you need to check with your supplier as to what the process is. This step is only for customers that have tariffs updated each month.

Typically the supplier sends over a new SLA/tariff spreadsheet at the start of the month (before the bills are sent over) which includes the MPAN/MPRN that is being updated, the tariff to update and the new tariff.

In order to upload the supplier spreadsheet, you’ll need to navigate to the Bulk Customer Update, which you can access by navigating to Bills in the main menu, Data Manager and then Import Prices.

Import SLA file V2

When you are ready to import your new SLA/tariff file, you simply click on the upload SLA report file, select the relevant template, select the file and click on upload.

Upload new price file

The system will then upload the new tariffs and let you know if the file has been updated successfully.