My Reports Overview

Utilidex has a wide library of excel downloadable reports, allowing users to access system wide data within Bill Processing & Validation, Analytics and ETRM. 

You can access these reports by navigating to Reports in the main menu, and then clicking on My Reports.

My Reports Overview

The User Interface is organised by functionality and then grouping the reports under their related categories.  Users can add favourites by clicking the star on the report, these are then displayed at the top of the list.  Each user can have a different layout tailored to their liking.

Once in the report, you simply set the filters and choose the report tabs you want, as shown below:-

Reporting Filters

Each report you select, will have a set of parameters, whether it be start & end date, or commodity, simply select what you want, and then click Download to Excel. The report will run and then populate to Excel for you.