Manage, search and edit site lists

You can search for your sites, via the site search screen which is shown below, the detail can be found in site management, site list and then site information from the main menu. 

You can search by entering any of the below:

  • Customer (Group) Name: multiple selections possible
  • Site Name
  • Site Address
  • Post Code

Site List V2

You can either use the dropdowns at the top to filter your information or alternatively start to free text type into the “search here” box.  You can choose to see your information by site (by clicking on the Data View > Sites, or alternatively by Market Identifier e.g MPAN by clicking on Data View > MPAN).  You can also, modify what search filters, columns, and algos appear in your search grid, by clicking on the three lines top right and modifying the selection.

Site List Settings V2

You can also do a smart search by group name by entering partial text to shortlist group names in the group drop down that match the partial search text as illustrated below :

For customers with a large number of sites, the Energy.Hub provides the narrow search functionality shown below: 

The narrow search works on the following CRM fields:

  1. Site Name
  2. Meter Id
  3. Site Code 

Important Settings: - a useful tool to turn on, is the Health Check for sites. This checks a number of key areas, including metering and billing. You can either turn it on at the site level or alternatively click on the pencil icon next to the Health Check and then activate for the sites. You can then come into this view periodically, and filter for any health checks that fail, and take a look what is the problem. This will help you manage and maintain the key data for sites, meaning you’ll reduce downstream errors.