Site Management Overview

The Utilidex | Energy Hub allows you to maintain standing data for power, gas and water. What services are activated, will depend on your subscription levels. 

Important: - at Utilidex we refer to the site module and metering module, as foundation modules. That is they form the base for many other downstream activities.  Whether that be bill validation, energy trading (which requires a reliable forecast) or budgeting/billing (which requires calculations). All of these activities at their core, require reliable, accurate site data, multiplied by meter data. So it’s really important to get this part right.

We estimate, for every 1 hr. you spend getting site data correct, making sure information is up-to-date, and power/gas/water details are correct – you’ll probably save some 5hrs later on, in your validation, budgeting and billing processes. In fact, by getting the foundations right (metering and site) we suspect you’ll cut out some 80% of your problems later on, meaning you have lots more time for other things.

So don’t be afraid to collaborate with your partners, and suppliers. Share site lists, share what rates they are on, what capacity rates are set to, what VAT rates are set to.  By doing this, you’ll save time for everybody!

Site hierarchy

Below shows the site information hierarchy.

Site Hierarchy

A “Group” is a collection of sites, which belong to the same entity. Not all customers, have groups activated, so some customers, may simply have a hierarchy which starts at Sites. 

Groups is a very useful tool, when you wish to group sites together. For instance, it may be that sites are all in the same business, or part of the same cost center. By grouping sites together, you can then later report on them.

As per the above, a Site could have multiple commodities attached (Power, Gas, Water) as well as have multiple market identifiers (MPAN/MPRN/SPID). As you’ll see in later sections, we’ve worked hard on making sure you can see all of this information in one screen.