Top tips to working with the Hub

Tip 1 :- Save lots of time, by being proactive with foundation modules (Site & Metering)

Remember the Utilidex 1hr to 5hr rule (see here). If you spend more time on site data and metering data in your foundation modules, you’ll save a lot of time in downstream activities. Having accurate reliable data, is the starting point for any billing, budgeting and energy analysis. So getting this right really helps.

Tip 2 :- Collaborate and share, but remember this is more than technology

We made the hub to save countless hours of people’s time in sending data back and forth. But we also recognise that people have their own systems and ways of working.  Rather than simply providing a log-in and saying “best of luck”. Really understand the shared value of working together, and make sure everybody understands this. If there is value there, and it helps everybody, then you’ll get a lot of bought in, happy people, all working on the same data.

Tip 3 :- be, energy empowered

As a corporate customer, whether you choose to use the Hub direct, and license yourself, or alternatively opt to use one of our service providers to help with your energy estate – remember to always stay empowered.  We’ll go out of our way to make the software do the “heavy lifting” – but we really want to make sure you always have full transparency, and control over your energy estate. 

The energy market is really changing, and lots more value is becoming available. We want to make sure that our Hub Platform, helps deliver that value to you, your team and your partners.