Accessing the Hub via the web or excel

You can access your applications and energy data in two ways:

Accessing via the web

In order to use the Hub, you will need either Google Chrome, or a supported version of Internet Explorer. Utilidex does not provide support to older, unsupported versions of Internet Explorer, as these browsers do not receive important security updates from Microsoft.  As such, we do not advocate the use of them, and cannot offer support for them. For information on what versions of Internet Explorer are presently supported by Microsoft please review the Microsoft website.

In order to access the Hub, navigate to your specific domain name and enter your registered email address and password as shown below:

Upon login you will notice a square in the top left of the screen. This will allow you to navigate to the Energy Ecosystem. Displayed here are the modules that are activated and available under your subscription. You will also see other modules which can be turned on and added to your software licence. If you would like to find out more about the additional modules please contact your account manager.

Below the login section is a hyperlink to reset your password if you
need to change it or if you have forgotten it. You will need to select send verification code and follow the steps to reset your password.

You can then enter your pass code and the new password. 

For further information on our plans for the Energy Store, please read our blog by clicking here Energy EcoSystem

Energy EcoSystem


Accessing via the Excel Addin

Our Excel Addin is available via the Microsoft App store in Excel 2013 and above. You may need to speak with your IT team to ensure that the store is activated.

Firstly, go to the Insert Menu on the tool bar, and select Store. Then key in Utilidex in the search bar and hit enter.  Select the Energy Data Hub application and click on Add.

Once added you will see the navigation pane appear on the right hand side of your Excel window. Simply enter the same credentials (Username/Password) as your Web Access, and enter your sub domain name. 

For instance, if your url was then you would enter yourcompany.