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Last Updated: Oct 13, 2017 10:24AM UTC

Single and Bulk Site entry

Sites can be added to the system in two different ways; users can manually input sites using the Single Site Entry, or can upload multiple sites at once using the Bulk Site Entry function. Both processes are explained below.

Single Site Entry

When a user wants to add a single site, they can manually enter the information into the Single Site Entry wizard as shown below.  

Site Management / Add/Edit Site / Single Site Entry

The wizard asks you to complete a form, starting with choosing the Group Name which the site belongs to from the drop-down menu. 

After completing the site code, name, manager and address on the form, check which Services (Power and/or Gas) is on the site. Then click Next.

You then will need to add the services to the site. Fill out the form for either Gas or Electricity and finish by clicking Add. The site will then appear in the review box at the bottom of the input screen as shown below. Repeat for all the connected services (electricity/Gas) for the site. 

When you have finished adding services, click Next and you can review your site entry. If certain fields are missing that are necessary for the upload, they will appear in the Validation Error column with a component identifier, you’ll have the option of correcting this by selecting Site. Once everything is correct, you can click the Push to Live button to add the site to the database.

Bulk Site Entry

If you would like to add more than one site at a time, the most efficient way is to use the Bulk Site Entry function  

The first step is to Download the Excel Template by clicking the Download Template button which is highlighted below.

Site Management / Add/Edit Site / Bulk Site Entry

This will open the Excel sheet and you’ll need to complete all relevant fields in-line with the rules in table one below.

IMPORTANT - Please make sure you add the information formatted exactly as specified in the below table or you will experience upload validation errors. Mandatory fields are highlighted in green.

When you have completed the template, save it, and then return to the Utilidex Hub and select Upload Template and add the file as shown below.

Once uploaded, the sites will appear in a list with any errors highlighted in the Validation Error column.  Sites which are correct can be selected and you can Push to Live.  Any sites which need amending can be deleted from the list or amended in the template and uploaded again.


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