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Last Updated: Sep 28, 2017 03:01PM UTC

Accessing the hub is easy, just navigate to your assigned URL and enter your username and password.


User Administration

The individual log-in and permission settings are managed by the system administration function. Our chief objective is to allow the customer to setup users without assistance from Utilidex staff. Instead we want our customers to manage their own users independently.

The first step is to nominate a system administrator. The nominated system administrator has access to the whole system and all menus that the customer subscribes to. They also have access to the user activity feed and can track all logs, as well as switch users on and off.

The system administrator can add users or remove users.  They can apply role based menus to a user, depending on their user access needs and can customise these for individual users.

The key to using the system is not to flood users with menus which are either irrelevant to them or they should not have access to. Instead we want our users to access only the key things they need to access. It's the system administrators' duty to maintain end user access and monitor this.

The system administrator can also apply multi-factor authentication for users to comply with internal information security rules. A multi-step authentication process for end users means that it is easy to restrict access. 

The principle way we can restrict access is by requesting an end user to use a unique code sent to them via their mobile phone to log–in.

You can access the screen by clicking on Settings and then going to the User management menu which lists all users and the general permissions they have. The system administrator has the right to add internal or external users and provide them access to key parts of the system in accordance to their privileges.

Utilidex has set up some predefined user access rights based on job roles. These are designed to reduce the length of time needed to set up individual users on the system. Not only does the system provide default user settings for internal users and employees but there is also the ability to create user access for third parties. Such third parties might include a metering company, an energy supplier or a consultant, all of which might from time to time wish to access the data on the system to collaborate better with their customer.  You can change rights and access for a group of users by updating the role management function.

This is performed using the Manage Roles screen

By ticking the various boxes and then pressing save you can easily setup or amend access for individual users. The system administrator can change the access for individual users and add additional internal users or third-party users.  

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